What is Martial Arts Lineage?

What is Lineage?

The "lineage" of a martial artist is similar to family heritage, except it follows instructors back through history. You learned from someone, who learned from someone, who learned from someone else. There is a lot to be learned from looking back in time to the forefathers of your style of martial arts.

  • Read stories and legends passed down through the generations about the founders of your style.
  • Get to know the roots of your system to fully understand it.
  • By learning about individuals you can begin to see how each style may have evolved over the centuries.

Where is this info?

Each martial artist in the database is linked to their instructors and their students. Browse to a martial artist's page and view their "lineage tree" to see who they have been taught by and how they are related to the great martial artists of the past. You will see all of the known instructors before them, as well as students of that person. Browse through the lineage tree by clicking on other names!