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The Eagle Kung Fu Sysetm of Northern China dates back some 950 years to the Famous General Yueh Fei, originally created as a series of seizing and striking skills for soldiers within the military, it is suggested there were 36 basic seizing and striking skills.

These skills or techniques were taken into Shaolin Temple for a number of generations before being taught outside to the Liu/Lau family of Gu Juang To Village in Hebei province North China. Family history states Liu Si Chun/Lau Si Chun a local well known martial arts practitioner of Liu He Chuan/Lok Hup Kune Six Harmony Boxing, and also Ba Fan Shou/Fann Tzi Chuan (Ba Fat Jeung) 8 Flashing or Tumbling Palms met tow Monks Do Ji and Faat Sing at small Temple enclave near to his village where he was witnessed practising his martial arts by Do Ji and Faat Sing, who said although his martial arts were good he could still improve.

Liu Si Chun not happy with insult offered to test the monks skills in hand to hand exchange, he was unable to defeat either of them, from this point he learned the Eagle Claw seizing and striking skills from the two monks. This is starting point of todays Eagle Claw system.

Liu Si Chun spent many long hours blending the Eagle Claw skills he had learned with his existing martial arts, creating a new system. Originally the system was known as Faan Tzi Mun Ying Jow Pai, later by request of the Mayor of Hebei and recognition of the fame the system had bough to the area it was renamed Ying Jow Faan Tzi Mun, placing emphasis on the eagle claw aspect of the system. Ying Jow/Eagle Claw Faan Tzi Tumbling Mun system

There have been many famous practitioners and propagators of the Eagle Claw style, with an in-depth history, this lineage page will hope to provide general outline information and more indepth information on specific people as time allows for content

Family Tree (Initial outline/under progress)

Yueh Fei
Shaolin Temple
Monk Do Ji
Monk Fat Sing
Liu Si Chun
Liu De Kuan - Liu Sing Yao
Ji Ar I
Ji San Chen Tzi Ching - Liu Chi Wen
Liu Fa Meng
Lilly Liu,Ruth Liu,Francis Liu,Gini Liu,James Liu

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