Folkstyle Wrestling

Description of Folkstyle Wrestling


Folkstyle wrestling, also known as collegiate wrestling, is a form of amateur wrestling that is practiced mostly in American schools, universities and colleges. Folkstyle wrestling that is practiced with younger participants in high shcool and middle school is referred to as scholastic wrestling. Just like its international variant, the freestyle wrestling, folkstyle wrestling originated from catch-as-catch-can wrestling. The goal for winning is to be able to pin an opponent to the mat or to score as many points as possible. Scores are determined from various situations and not hits. Escapes and reversals make folkstyle different from freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling.

There are five ways to score in folkstyle wrestling:

  1. Takedown (2 points) - to "take" the opponent from his feet and "down" to the mat
  2. Escape (1 point)
  3. Reversal (2 points)
  4. Nearfall (2 or 3 points) - An opponent's back/shoulders must break the 45 degree plane in reference to the mat. Points earned vary for how many counts you are able to keep your opponent at this position. A 2-4 count gives 2 points, 5 count gives 3.
  5. Riding Time (varies) - To be in control on the mat for a long period of time.
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