Description of Go-Shinjutsu


Goshin Jitsu is a martial art that specializes in striking, throwing and submissions. Its name is derived from two words namely "goshin" meaning "body protection" and "jitsu" or "jutsu" meaning technique. As such, it mostly focuses on techniques of self-defense. Being an eclectic combat sports, Goshin Jitsu or "GJ" to most, has several theories, paradigms and ideas that may vary depending on the person, place or school. Its basics and core teachings remain to be the same but it does not hinder the art to continuously evolve and adapt to what the practitioner needs it to be.

Goshin Jitsu is an evolved form in itself and originated from several fighting styles and its simplest but most effective techniques. The point is that it must provide excellent results with such a simple execution. It aims to help one defend against or survive from real-life predicaments that involve combat such as street crimes. It focuses not only on the physical aspects but also on the mental aspects, as this is important to be able to keep calm and execute the necessary technique. Panic clouds one's vision, resulting to poor or lack of judgement, which then results to being defenseless. It teaches the practitioner that in a confrontation, the martial art or style of combat does not necessarily decide who emerges victorious. It is the martial artist, not the martial art, who must be able to rise above the other even when under pressure.

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