Description of Goshindo


Goshindo is short for Goshinbudo, which literally means "Self Defense" (Gohsin), "Combat" (bu) and "way" (do) and may be roughly translated as "The way to defend one's self". It is a generic term used to refer to several modern self defense systems based on Japanese MMA techniques. Goshindo techniques are based on the integration of other martial arts techniques like those from Jujutsu, Judo, Karate and Aikido.

Goshindo teaches its practitioners to be like bamboo. One must be able to be flexible when necessary so as to avoid being crushed. Skill functionality is favored over form. Since Goshindo was primarily for modern self-defense situations, it involves techniques that are easy to execute, otherwise, it is not Goshindo. As such, it continuously evolves per fighter or area, as the practitioner is allowed to add techniques to their arsenal as they see fit. These usually occur during annual training camps with various world champions and practitioners.

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