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Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is the name used by the Bruce Lee Foundation in 2004 to refer to the martial arts system (Jeet Kune Do) founded by Bruce Lee. Jun Fan is Bruce Lee's Chinese given name. "Jeet" means "intercepting" or "stopping". "Kune" means "fist". "Do" means "the way". Jeet Kune Do, according to Bruce Lee, is "The Way of the Intercepting Fist".

When Bruce Lee first developed his combat system and philosophy, he initially gave it the name Jun Fang Gung Fu. However, he felt that it would somehow limit the style into what the name suggests, thus ending up being like all the other styles. What he did, instead, was to describe the process in which he conceptualized and created his style.

It must be noted, however, that two years before his death, Bruce Lee had officially closed his martial arts schools. However, he allowed his curriculum to be taught privately. Although it is argued that JKD has split into different groups (Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Jeet Kune Do Concepts), Bruce Lee himself authorized only three people to teach Jeet Kune Do. They are Daniel Inosanto, Taky Kimura and James Yimm Lee. James Yimm Lee does not share any relation to Bruce and died before Bruce Lee did. To date, only Inosanto and Kimura are authorized by Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do. Daniel Inosanto is part of the JKD Concepts branch while Taky Kimura is part of The Original JKD branch

The Original (or Jun Fan) Jeet Kune Do was started by Taki Kimura, Yap Mat, James Lee, Jerry Poteet and Ted Wong. They teach what they believe is to be what was taught by Bruce Lee. It focuses on encouraging the student to continuously develop his/her skills but does not include the concvept of absorbing what is useful and discarding what is not. This makes it the opposite of the principles from the JKD Concepts branch.

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Bruce Lee's 'Jet Kun Do'

Bruce Lee's 'Jet Kun Do' styling did not originate from him, but was derived from his association with veteran HK actor Guan De-xing, 關德興 [Shih Kien 石堅] who was also an instructor for dragon style boxing. Bruce never acknowledged this teacher. Bruce's father, a traditionalist, wished that he study Tai-Chi-boxing [videos are available on YouTube] or with his father's friend LiuHeBaFa-boxing teacher Liang Zhi-peng 梁子鵬 who like Shih Kien was knowledgeable in Eagle Claw methods. Again Bruce borrowed without credit some of the axioms of water-style, as flowing, swimming, like water. Bruce dropped his classes for the more notable, new HK teacher Yip-man.

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