VSK JuJitsu

Description of VSK JuJitsu

Warrington Hudlin

VSK JuJitsu represents the cross generational teaching of three legendary Ju Jitsu masters, Florendo Visitacion, Moses Powell, and Lil John Davis.

Florendo Visitacion represents the 1st generation and introduced the concept of combining a variety of martial arts styles into a eclectic method of self self-defense. Representing the 2nd generation, Visitacion's most senior student, Moses Powell, further refined this "open source" approach by adapting it to meet the challenges of contemporary self-defense by injecting into these arts an understanding of the psychology and mentality of the mean streets of urban America. As an master practitioner, Moses Powell reshaped and expressed martial arts techniques through his personality,finesse, and sense of humor. Representing the 3rd generation, Moses Powell's most senior student, Lil John Davis successfully represented this style in tournament competition to prove the effectiveness of the techniques and combat mindset.

Each master taught these techniques under a different name for the style:
Florendo Visitacion--Vee Jitsu
Moses Powell--Sanuces Ryu JuJitsu
Lil John Davis--Kumite Ryu JuJitsu

Senior master students of these martial arts legends have elected to call this cross generational art VSK Ju Jitsu

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