Yu Kwon Sool

Description of Yu Kwon Sool


Yu Kwon Sool is one of the former names of Hapkido founded by Choi Yong Sool. It was first named as "Yu Sul" or "Yawara" and then it was changed to "Yu Kwon Sool" to "Hap Ki Yu Kwon Sool" and finally "Hapkido". Hapkido is an eclectic Korean martial art for self-defense that specializes on joint locks, kicks, punches and other striking attacks as well as application of techniques from other martial arts. It may also have traditional weapons arts such as techniques for the sword, rope, cane, nunchaku, short stick and staff.

Hapkido also has techniques for fighting at long range or close range. It uses jumping kicks and precussive hand strikes for long-ranged attacks while pressure point strikes, joint locks and throws are used for short-ranged attacks. Footwork and body positioning are important when seeking to gain advantage and opts to use leverage in order to employ "non-resisting movements", limiting circumstances wherein the practitioner should use his/her strength against the opponent/attacker's strength.

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