atemi jiu jitsu

Description of atemi jiu jitsu


Atemi Jujitsu is made up of two Japanese martial arts terms, which refer to different but complementary things. Atemi basically means blows or strikes to the body of the opponent. Jujitsu, on the other hand, refers to a fighting style designed for an unarmed fighter against an armed and possibly armored fighter.

Jujitsu was developed by the samurai during the Sengoku era. In the battlefield, a samurai may either not be able to use his sword or lose his weapons. Should this happen, he is forced to face armored and armed opponents, which he can not defeat by purely using strikes or blows. Jujitsu is composed of techniques that are mostly grappling, joint-locking and throwing. Towards the Edo period, Jujitsu began to incorporate atemi into its system wherein a fighter should use strikes only when necessary so as to not waste energy or opportunity. Atemi may be fatal or distracting depending on what the situation calls for. For example, a strike to a certain nerve or pressure point could inflict enough pain to distract an opponent or make him drop his guard, making an opening for a more damaging attach such as a throw or joint-lock. Other Atemi techniques, however, can be fatal on their own depending on the target body part like the solar plexus, under the nose, genitals or chin. They can sometimes be fatal enough to incapacitate or even kill an opponent.

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